Now,more then ever, technology is changing the way we do business and work. Technology is overcoming national boundaries and companies need talented people with the skills and know-how to further drive their business forward into networked economies.

Take a look around—technology is everywhere—from government agencies, to education
Institutions , from factories to hospitals, basically all businesses are harvesting the power of networks. Well trained people are needed, not only to deliver the solutions, but also to maintain the underlying infrastructure once it is in place.
Weather you are designing and implementing Cisco-based network solutions, or you are running are big corporate network, the AIT Cisco Certified Training Center (ACCTC) is there to train your teams to be ready for the internet age.

Please contact our training department for prices and schedules.

We hope to seeing your or your team at one of our classes in future.


Please download further resources below:

AIT CISCO Training Program

AIT CISCO Training Courses

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